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„Stefan Nemanja has its origins from the Roman king Constantine I“

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Linguistics and the new chronology

by Rados Bakic

Stefan Nemanja (St. Simeon)

Stefan Nemanja (St. Simeon)

This is the origin of Stefan Nemanја (his monastic name – St. Simeon), the founder of the medieval Serbian state, the father of the first Serbian king Stefan Prvovencani and his brother St. Sava (which was the first Serbian archbishop). Thus, it is the central person of Serbian history. Talking about the origin of Stefan Nemanja author refers to dozens of old documents, which provide information that Stefan Nemanja has its origins from the Roman king Constantine I, as with the fourth or fifth generation of his descendants (in the documents, there is a discrepancy as to whether he was a descendant of the sisters or daughters of the king Constantine I).

For example, the text of the ancestry of Hadji-Jordan: „The pedigree of the land lords Tribaloi, that is, Serbian (! RB), as will be seen, starting with St. Simeon … St. Simeon was the father of Tehomil, which has its origin from St. Constantine the Great.

Emperor Licinius

Emperor Licinius

Tehomil (ie Tehomila – RB) was the father of Bela Uros (ie Bela Uroš – RB), and has a son Uroš tormentors Licinius, the sister of the king of St. Constantine. “ Given that Stefan Nemanja died in 1200, above the text is manifestly contrary to official history, but very consistent with the brief chronology Nosovskii and Fomenko. As previously mentioned, this lineage appears to have a dozen of old documents (see / 4 /). Recall that Constantine 1 was born in Nis, one of the largest cities in today’s Serbia. Professor Novakovic also leads several papers on the origin of Stefan Nemanja (whose number is less than the number of these documents) that do not contradict directly any official timeline or chronology of Fomenko.

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