Да л′ тко и тебе, Соларићу, гледи ?

Vreme je pokazalo ko je dobio najviše raspadom Jugoslavije…

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Ko je unistio Jugoslaviju?

Jovnik (handyman)

03. januar 2009.

Danilov (student)

03. januar 2009.

Jovnik-mozete da otvarate desetine tema na vise foruma-ali najkompetentnji Odgovor je dao Richard Cook..
Cook je izuzetno dobro informisan i ne piše bez osnova..
Vreme je pokazalo ko je dobio najviše raspadom Jugoslavije..
Strani bankari koji su zaduzili bivše Jugoslovene sa 100 milijardi evra i uzimaju ogroman novac sa najvisim kamatama..

Richard Cook -izuzetno cenjeni analiticar na Zapadu-u svom clanku tvrdi da su Jugoslaviju srusli evropski bankari -Rotshildsi i Soros da prigrabe resurse Jugoslavije.. Autor je dobitnik nagrade za moralnu hrabrost u USA..


The Muhammedan Serbs under the leadership of Hussein Bey

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Project Gutenberg’s The Birth of Yugoslavia, Volume 1, by Henry Baerlein

Title: The Birth of Yugoslavia, Volume 1
Author: Henry Baerlein

There was not in the other Southern Slav lands much consolation for the National party. In Bosnia the French Revolution and the Serbian wars of independence had an unfortunate effect, for in 1831 the Muhammedan Serbs of that province, under the leadership of Hussein Bey, the captain of Gradačac, began a holy war against the „giaour Sultan,“ because Mahmud thought it timely to promulgate a few reforms.

Hussein assumed the title of  „The Dragon of Bosnia„; and if it had not been for several other Moslem potentates who were not only inimical to the Sultan but to the Dragon and to each other, it would have taken the Sultan’s army more than five years to assert itself. In 1839 the Sultan’s epresentative at Gulhane had orders to reform the administration, and this time the chief of the indignant begs was Ali Pasha Rizvanbegović, a powerful personage in Herzegovina.

The revolt was, after a good deal of bloodshed, suppressed by Omar Pasha, who was determined to break once and for all the arrogance of the Bosnian aristocracy.

Hundreds of begs were executed, drowned in the Bosna or taken in chains to Constantinople. But all these transactions did nothing to improve the lot of the raia. They had been roundly told in 1832 by His Apostolic Majesty that any one of those Christians „who persist in venturing to raise the banner of revolt“ would be sent back from the Imperial and Royal frontier.  After all there was a courtesy which monarchs must maintain towards each other.